Playground Pop-Up Shop

Playground Pop-Up Shop

You’ve probably seen some of Playground’s beers on tap around Seoul, or even cans in Lotte Mart. Now you have a chance to explore 9 of their beers in an original plastic crate-based pop-up shop in the heart of Hongdae.

Playground Pop-up shop in Hongdae
Playground Pop-up shop in Hongdae
Shopping cart with Playground cans

Playground Brewery is located in Ilsan, but some of their beers are a common sight in bars, beer festivals and even some super markets around Seoul. Hopsplash NE IPA and Monk IPA are maybe their most famous beers, but in their temporary pop-up shop, you can sample a lineup of 9 beers. Located right next to the busy streets of Hongdae, the location is surprisingly quiet and relaxed, and the original interior gives it a makeshift picnic vibe.

A couple of neon signs, snacks, microwave meals and chill lounge music accompany their beer lineup, available both in draft and 500 ml cans. Tastefully ad-hoc seating inside makes for an interesting hangout, with some microwave meals and snacks for that gas station experience. You can even pick up some brewery merch if you are a fan!

Monk and Hopsplash
Playful interior.

The store is open until 7/7, so if you want to go through the whole Playground line-up without going to Ilsan – this is your chance!

Taps and crates
Their lineup
Playground, drink and play!
Cans for take-out
Grab a basket and snack up!
Cup ramen!
Cheese, sausage and more.
It’s like a little convenience store in here.
Even dumplings!
Merch and activities too.
Playground’s playful mask designs.
Camping vibe.

The location is in the map below. Opening hours are Mon-Thu 2pm to 10 pm, Fri-Sat 12 to 12, Sun 12 to 10pm. The pop-up shop is open until 7/7-19.