Seoul Beer Project

Seoul Beer Project

Euljiro is well-known for its plethora of makers and shops, where you can get anything from sewing machine needles and ball bearings, to toilets and business cards. When the shops are closed, the colorful panels pulled down for the night, Euljiro is home to lively restaurants, karaoke bars and of course, excellent craft beer.

Facade with clear instructions.
Industrial interior.

A perfect fit for the area, Seoul Beer Project is housed in an old industrial venue. Roughed-up concrete walls are paired with neon signs and beer fridges. The concept here is special import beers, carefully paired with boutique dishes. At the time of our visit, SBP is stocked with kegs from Lervig (Norway) and Rockmill (Poland), and Toppling Goliath (US) bottles in the fridge. Their featured breweries change frequently, and is announced on their social media channels as well as their chalkboard sign outside.

The food menu ranges from some classic bar dishes, buffalo wings and sausage platters, to European style pasta creations. The two first dishes are specifically paired to the imported beer. Naturally, the Norwegian beer is paired with salmon carpaccio, and the Polish beer with golonka (boiled ham with sauerkraut and potatoes).

Toward the street
Polish brewery Rockmill

Since the beer is specially imported, once it’s gone it may be downright impossible to find anywhere else in Korea. But with 4 taps and 2-3 bottles from each brewery, we still had a hard time choosing even with a couple options sold out. With a name like Liquid Sex Robot, who can skip this dIPA from Lervig? This is a juicy double dry hopped imperial IPA with four hops blended in perfection. It’s hazy and hoppy, but remarkably balanced for a double ipa, not at all too sweet.

Our second pick is the Mystery from Rockmill, a black IPA with coffee flavor. It pours close to pitch black with smooth foam, with that good morning coffee aroma. It’s so smooth it borders on creamy, with a strong initial coffee flavor that blends into the expected hoppiness of an IPA. A very successful and interesting beer, with a balanced finish and aftertaste that makes every sip like the first one.

Norwegian brewery Lervig
Smth and smith

Before moving on, we pick up a Hopdigger from Rockmill. Classified as a new wave Belgian IPA, this is not a common style in Korea. It blends the hoppy bodies of IPAs with the characteristic Belgian yeast flavors, and may be a good choice for someone looking to broaden their beer horizons.

To pair with our beers, we got the chicken pasta and the shrimp risotto. The pasta was all about that pesto, with tender chicken and delicious mushrooms. The risotto didn’t disappoint either, but watch out for the chili peppers!


The beer fridges at Seoul Beer Project are stocked with cans and bottles from the featured breweries, as well as a few other select imports. When we visited, the right fridge was near overflowing with beers from Toppling Goliath, a well renowned brewery from Iowa, US, these beers are rarely seen in Seoul. Upcoming imports are announced on a little chalkboard sign outside, as well as on SBP’s Instagram, so followers can know when new beers arrive. The next brewery to be featured is Wylam from England, and some of the coming beers are already introduced on Instagram.

Toppling Goliath cans!
Simple interior, good beer.
Food Menu
New basement space for bottle shares.
Whats this in the cooler?
Who needs company?
Euljiro at night.
Close the Cheonggyechong river.