KIBEX Korea Beer Expo 2019

KIBEX Korea Beer Expo 2019

Wondering where to go for beer this weekend? We went to check out KIBEX 2019, this year’s Korea Beer Expo, to meet the brewers and industry professionals, taste new beers and indulge in the Korean craft beer industry.

Entrance to aT Center
Small but compact venue!

Showcasing the Korean craft beer scene

Korea’s craft beer scene has come a long way since the first baby steps were taken mere decades ago. Changes in alcohol laws and increasing demand go hand in hand with sheer passion and creativity to drive the industry forward, and in KIBEX 2019 we meet many different players. Of course, there is a selection of breweries here promoting their products, we even get to sample some completely new beers from some of our favorites.

In addition to Korean breweries, many importers and foreign breweries are also here with their various line-ups. Going all the way to from beer and wine to liquor and hangover-drinks! Ingredients and equipment sellers are another large part of the expo, showcasing and demonstrating their products to interested brewers.

Organized by Beer Post – Korean Craft Beer magazine.

For professionals and enthusiasts

Of course, the organizers of the event want to share the story of how Korean beer has grown from being just a few large companies, to including a plethora of micro breweries. Beer Post, Korea’s first and only beer magazine, organize the event with GMEG, and put together content for beginners to professionals. The event runs for three days, from March 21. to 23. and takes place at the AT Center in Gangnam. The first day is reserved for business only, but the event is open to everyone on Friday and Saturday.

Tickets and entry fees are from around 15.000 and up if you missed the early bird offers. In addition to visiting the exhibitors around the hall, there is also a KIBEX Tap room where you can get a full pour of the new beers you just got to know about. The tap room is self-served with an electronic wrist band solution as seen at Art Monster and Tap Public. This, of course, gives visitors the power to determine their own appropriate sample sizes.

Satellite Brewing
Tiny cup, big flavor
Playground Brewery
Sampling an old favorite, Monk IPA
Beervana’s three (!) first beers
Juicevana NE IPA as fresh as it will ever be!
Buzz Shop
Importer of Pohjala
Cute mini cans from Caligari
KaBrew wheel of fortune
KaBrew samples
Fundamental – new brewery based in Suwon
Sampling their Kettle Soured Gose!
A little something to bring home. 🙂