Boir Boir, Chungmuro

Boir Boir, Chungmuro

Just next to Chungmuro station lies this little gem. Boir Boir is a cute little place with a handful of select craft beers, nostalgic interior and a storefront as boutique as they come.

Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro
Boir Boir’s flashy entrance!
Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro

Another time travel

More or less directly above Chungmuro station, Boir Boir’s gorgeous storefront sets the the mood for vintage. Shame the street is otherwise empty, the decorative entrance has nothing to outshine! Once inside, however, you’ll almost forget you are in Chungmuro, and rather time traveled to 1920’s Europe.

On the other hand, the beer menu is absolutely up to date, and has 10 draft beers from Korean and foreign breweries, as well as a house beer. While the menu is sure to change, at our time of visit we could get Korean beer from Magpie, Art Monster, Playground and Trevier, and imports from North Coast and Hyughe. You can even get some Napoe Gin from Finland, and the menu proudly explains that a Finnish celebrity had a party here once and praised the gin.

Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro
Vintage, but not rustic interior
Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro
Beer menu
Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro
Also Finnish gin!

The beer!

Naturally, we start off with the house beer, the Jukshu Pale Ale. It has a nice mouthfeel, moderately carbonated, balanced body with a slightly malty aftertaste. Being an international style pale ale, it is not as hoppy and tropical as many other pale ales in Korea. If you are looking to try some new local beer, it’s a pretty solid choice!

The rest of the menu is very familiar to seasoned beer drinkers in Seoul, with several classics to choose from. Monk IPA from Playground and Endless Love Milk Stout from Art Monster are among beers we are always happy to see on the menu. Surprisingly, there is also an apple cider from Hand and Malt available on tap. It is refreshing and fruity, but not overly sweet! If you are into ciders, it may be worth a try.

Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro
Jukshu pale ales and Monk IPA
Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro
Ornate coasters and branded glassware

There is also a food and snacks menu, with the usual fries and sausage platters, but also cream spinach and chicken curry! We just got some nacho chips as a salty snack, which were served with cheese dip and chilis. At the counter, they also have 800 ml growlers, if you would like to take out some beer as well. This is a concept we don’t see to often in Seoul, so we are happy to see more of it.

Boir Boir, craft beer Chungmuro
Side dishes and snacks
Nachos and beer
Nachos served with cheese dip and chilis.
The row of taps
Plenty of guest taps.
Also take out bottles
Also 800 ml take out bottles.
Small, but cozy venue
Small, but cozy venue.
Storefront detail
Craft beer or vintage shop?
Whole front
Street view
Be sure to follow the map so you don’t miss the otherwise anonymous street!

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