Great Korean Beer Festival, Fall 2018

Good news, everyone, the GKBF is back with its 11th iteration. Prepare for another Halloween special, with a 3-day festival spanning from October 26th to 28th. This time, the event will be held on the iPARK MALL rooftop in Yongsan, with beer, food, music and people from all over the world.


Since its beginning in 2013, GKBF has been held 10 times, truly marking the impact craft beer has had on the Korean market. All the attending breweries will be organizing their own booths and bringing in a selection of their beers, which means this will be a great chance to taste them at their very best. With plenty of foreigners both attending and organizing the event, you can get guidance and recommendations for beer in both English and Korean. Find more info and pics on the official KGBF site.

On the line-up this year we find a lot of Korean breweries and a handful of foreign names, including big players like Ballast Point and Stone. You can check the full list of attending breweries below, but you can also check out the Seoul Beer Map to see where you can get the best Korean beer while waiting for the festival.


We have attended a couple of the beer festivals since moving to Korea, we even blogged about the last one, and they grow bigger every year. It is a festival, so be prepared for live music and loud chatter, but also to enjoy one of the best opportunities to choose from a large selection of great Korean beer as fresh as it gets.

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