Mysterlee Brewing Co., Gongdeok

Mysterlee Brewing Co., Gongdeok

Opening as late as August 2017, Mysterlee Brewing Co. is one of the most recent players on the Seoul craft beer scene, but can boast fresh and well-executed brews . Their own venue and brewery is on the ground floor of the Jaehwa Square building in Gongdeok and has quickly become a popular place.

Pub full of people
It got quite loud with the bar full of customers.
Taps and beer menu on the wall.
They mark currently available beers on the white board above the taps.

The beer selection varies from visit to visit, but is easy to see which of their common brews are available as soon as you enter. All their beers are sorted into a color group, which is followed up in the menu and take-out cans, even suggested tasting orders. You can take out your favorite beers in cans featuring tasty color gradients and the mildly gang-sign-esque Mysterlee logo. (The Mysterlee pun works better if you pronounce Lee as just Ee, which is how it is pronounced in Korea, but keep the spelling so it looks like milliliter.)

We’ve been here before and even seen some of the ML beer in other venues. So far they have produced articulated and well-made versions of some classic craft beer styles, as well as some specials and less common brews. At the time of our visit there are seven beers available on the menu, six of their standard brews and one special. The limited release New England style double IPA, menu item 13, is sharp and hoppy, intense and bitter flavor with a cloudy, light color. I love it! Almost a little too sweet, which is the case with many double IPAs, but the serving size is a fitting 350 ml so it does not become overwhelming.

Happy workers greeting us!
Friendly staff willingly posing in front of the brewing equipment.
Picture of the craft beer menu.
The beer menu. Samples set (190ml x 6) for 26.900 won.

We pick up a nr 6, the Simcoe Pale Ale, which is also sharp and hoppy, but significantly lighter than the dIPA. It has a very similar, fruity taste, a refreshing drink, comes in a larger glass, 480 ml. While both 13 and 6 have been very enjoyable, well-executed brews, the nr 4, Tropicana Sour Beer might snag the prize for best beer tonight. Bursting with berry-y and juicy flavors, it is almost not like a beer at all. The flavor leans more to blackcurrant than tropical fruits, and with this kind of intense beer I would almost prefer a smaller serving.

In addition to tasty craft beer, Mysterlee also has a tempting food menu, and behind the counter you can see a stone oven. The pizzas look delicious, and there are less typical bar foods available, like steak or risotto. We came for beer only, but with no salty snacks on the table we ordered their truffle fries. They were just ok. The venue has a high ceiling and mostly hard surfaces, with the usual stylish interior and sub-par acoustics. At the peak of the evening the place is quite loud, though chances are you came for the beer.

Two craft beer glasses.
Mysterlee beers are color coded after their types. Purple, Green, Orange and Black categories make it easy to find your favorite types or try a wide variety of flavors.
Hand holding a glass of craft beer. Guy eating pizza in the background.
Nr 13, New England style double IPA
Picture of the food menu.
Food menu. Pizzas start from 19.000 won, but you can also get dishes like steak or risotto. Prices vary from twenty to thirty bucks.
A frech fries platter.
To have something small and salty on the side we chose their truffle french fries.
“Drink Korean craft beer”
hand holding a glass of craft beer.
Nr 4, Tropicana Sour Beer.
People drinking Mystelee korean craft beer.
View towards the entrance.
Many beer related books. Designing great beers, Complete Home Brew Beer, Beer guide etc.
Found some relevant literature!
Craft beer brewing facility.
Another shot of the facility.
Colorful take-out cans.
Take out cans.
Many people enjoying food and korean craft beer.
View from the entrance.
Fancy craft beer pub entrance.
The entrance.
A guy dressed like a butler greeting guests.
The location is quite fancy compared to most Korean craft beer pubs that we have visited.
Craft brewery facilities.
The brewery facilities can be seen on the other side of the building.
Mysterlee Brewing co. tap house from outside the building. Big glass windows and a light sign.
Mysterlee is located in the ground floor of Jaehwa Square building.
Myster Lee logo looks like L hand sign.
Their logo is simple and cute, a stylized hand doing an L for Lee (not loser, I hope).

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