Cactus pub, Munbaedong

Cactus pub, Munbaedong

In Munbaedong, an aera tucked between Hyochang Park and Samgakji, there is a new hipstery street with art and craft stores, wine pubs, smoky barbecues and even an arcade. Among the many interesting venues along this newly found street, we find Cactus pub, a cozy little taproom with an adorable theme.

The logo is a cactus sitting on a sofa with a single pint of beer.
Cute cactus character logo.
Dark picture of people sitting in a pub.
View towards the counter and the main entrance.

The venue itself is small and cosy, sporting a rough and industrial look and a whole lot of cacti. Suitable for both small and large groups, with some movable tables and chairs as well as some smaller tables with bar stools. Even on a Friday night the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, and there are several other groups in the pub. The music is the typical Korean wild mix of styles, but at a volume that does not bother anyone.

On the menu you can find a decent selection of Korean and import beers on tap and bottles, including Sculpin, Red Rock and beers from The Booth. While there are a number of beers available, the highlights are few, and the Kukmin IPA is so great on tap we all got the same one. Fresh, sharp and hoppy, a classic IPA. The Daedonggang is also great on tap, rich flavor and a little fuller than the Kukmin.

Three glasses of the Booth kukmin india pale ale.
That night we had only The booth Kukmin IPA’s.
Indica, Punk ipa, ballast point, the booth, big wave etc. craft beer bottles.
Some of the beers available on their menu, mostly common styles.
Three glasses on the booth IPA and snack assortment.
Unlimited salty snack assortment! Definitely a big plus for this place.

Salty snacks are unlimited, which is definitely a plus. The little bowls offer a variety of salty and spicy snacks and are refilled frequently by the young and friendly staff. Cactus also has a food menu, which is posted near the entrance so visitors can see what is available even before entering.

While this cozy street has great potential and several places opening soon, it is somewhere you would go for the environment (and maybe Korean barbecue) rather than the craft beer experience. Walking through this little street in Munbaedong is an interesting and refreshing experience, and Cactus pub is a place worth visiting for the charming interior and atmosphere, especially if you live in the area.

YOLO cactus man neon sign.
Several neon signet with their cactus character on the walls.
YOLO cactus neon sign.
Another shot of the YOLO cactus.
Cute cactus with straw hats.
Their mascot cactus.
Cactus character neon sign. Pouring beer to the cactus guys brains.
Another cute neon sign, a little on the morbid side.
Three hands holding three glasses of beer.
A few rounds of Kukmin IPA~
A blurry picture. They have only 6 tables in the pub.
A blurry picture to the pub.
Photo taken through glass door. People sitting in the bar.
View through the door glass.
Door to the pub.
The entrance door.
The entrance staircase.
The staircase.
Cactus pub in the second floor. Picture from outside the building.
The pub is the second floor.
The whole building.
Ground floor of the building has a barbecue restaurant. Only after having dinner at another place we saw that if we had dinner here they would have given some discount coupons to the Cactus pub!

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