Amazing Brewing Company

Amazing Brewing Company

Boldly named and in a trending location, Amazing Brewing Company is perhaps the tap house in Seoul with the most local brews on tap. Their stunning menu includes dozens of brews including their own standards, new experiments, guest taps and imports.

Chalk boards indicating different beers.
Chalk board illustration indicating different beers.

Stylish interior and a crowd that includes anything from local business men to students and tourists, Amazing stands out from the crowd in this otherwise anonymous neighborhood. Located just a few minutes from Seongsu and Ttukseom subway stations, this place has seen a surge in popularity since its opening, even expanding its venue to include a large outdoor seating area.

On the inside there are chalkboard menus, rustic brick walls and modern music, you can even see the brewing equipment. This all builds up expectations, the name in particular, and with a menu this extensive most tongues will be satisfied. Amazing’s beer is – surprise, surprise – amazing. Sure, there will be varying quality between the beers, even the batches and pours can vary, but that is the nature of craft beer. From their signature Amazing IPA to stouts and saisons, Amazing has several beers that occasionally reach world class. Their menu is sorted by flavor groups, which can be a little confusing since they also have numbers, but it is always worth looking for something new.

Beers are sorted by flavor on the menu.
They sort the beers based on the flavor.
Three beer glasses on the table.
The design of their beer glasses is pretty nice.

Dark stouts, cloudy experiments and hoppy ales, all neatly presented. If you can’t make up your mind you can compose your own sampler selection at a fixed price or even talk to the bartenders for a taster or two. While there should be something for everyone, and everyone’s budget, on a good day the Amazing IPA is a strong contestant for best IPA in Korea. Their specialties and experimental brews are a good reason to go. Who would have thought you could get bubble-gum ales and spicy Chinese beer in Korea? They are both worth a try! And did I mention they normally offer at least three local saisons of varying bitterness?

Expect to stand in line on busy days, and bring a coat if you plan to brave the cold and grab a seat outside in the winter. Amazing’s food menu is absolutely dwarfed by their beer selection, but it is possible to get both meals and snacks. Considering the volume level and, hum, rustic seating Amazing is better suited for casual chatter than dinner conversation, especially later in the evening. With seating including tall bar stools, low sofas, industrial spool tables and wooden stairs, prepare to take whatever spot is available at your time of arrival.

Brewing facilities can been seen from the restaurant.
From the right side of the bar you can see into the brewing facilities.
The kitchen has a window to the yard.
You can peek into the kitchen from the yard.
A view from the entrance on the right.
A view from the entrance on the right.

In addition to indoor seating, Amazing Brewing Company also has a rather large outdoor area. On a warm summer night, the decentralization location makes for a surprisingly quiet yard, apart from the music and chatter from the other guests. The nearest streets have little traffic and is a completely different world from the Konkuk University area just a few subway stops away.

The yard is decorated with fairy lights and beer kegs and covered with evergreen plastic grass. Paired with camping chairs and gas heaters, this makes for one of Korea’s signature drinking environments blending trendy craft beer and architecture with low-fi seating and a neighborhood that has seen better days. You can only enjoy your outdoor drinks in plastic cups, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The patio outside Amazing Brewing company building.
Their yard has a pretty nice set up.
Another picture of the entrance.
Another picture from the yard.
The entrance could be hard to spot.
The entrance to the brewery yard.
The tap list has 62 different beers on tap.
Tap list on the right part of the brewhouse.
Beer kegs at the brewery yard.
Beer kegs in the yard.

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