The Booth, Noksapyeong

The Booth, Noksapyeong

Another classic in the hotpot of Noksapyong, The Booth is a bastion on the Korean craft beer scene. Don’t be fooled by their fashionably ghetto interior, these guys are one of the biggest players in the market and have venues all over Seoul. Paired with Monster Pizza, another Seoul classic, this is something most people here will learn to love. This is the home of Daedonggang, a Belgium-brewed Korean-Danish collaboration (Mikkeller), a wildly available beer in Korea. Also worth mentioning are Kiuk and Kukmin, two surprisingly tasty IPAs.

Picture of the sign of The Booth brewing company
The booths sign on Kyungridan-gil street in Noksapyeong.

Right there with Woori Super and Magpie, The Booth is part of the craft beer core of Noksapyeong. Decorated with pallets and barrels, graffiti wall-art and tasteful music, this is one of the hippest venues in Seoul. The seats are uncomfortable, but fit the place well. The music is not your typical pop songs, but rather urban beats, old soul and some funky synth. In fact, the only things missing to complete the set for an 80s sitcom is a boombox and a bonfire. Kung Fury, anyone?

It is not as crowded as it used to, but judging from the additional seating across the street it should get packed on weekends. The Booth is a steady provider for your weekend cravings, and with free cheese, ketchup and chili flakes to top up the already intense Monster Pizza slices you can get the flavor explosion you are looking for. The selection of beer varies from venue to venue, but you can expect to find the standard Booth beers as well as a few interesting choices.

Facade is just windows and a massive metal door.
Entrance is a massive metal door.
The counter of the booth iteawon pub.
You should order at the counter.
Tap list of the time of the visit
The current tap list. Most of their cans and bottles you can get from marts and convenience stores, so it’s better have the fresh stuff on tap in the bar.
A glass of basil gose craft beer with colorful interior in the background
Basil Gose beer.

We just had to try their Basil Gose, which was unexpected to say the least. Not as bitter as you might expect, but balanced and tasteful. The basil flavor is prominent, but not overbearing and overall surprisingly good. The flavor is unique, and we would definitely recommending sharing the pint sized pour with a friend or two.

On the menu are also several bottles and cans with both Korean and import beer. Not your most standard choices, but it is worth noting that the same cans will sometimes be available to purchase in other marts and stores, so you might want to prioritize the fresh draft beer. That being said, you can normally find several good choices in this list.

The booth itaewon pub walls are covered with paintings such as mickey mouse, spiderman and space invaders.
Painted walls with cartoony themes.
Half a glass of craft beer on the wooden table. The glass has the booth brewing company logo.
We wanted to try something new picked up their Basil Gose which we hadn’t seen before on their menu. A very herby refreshing experience. Strong flavor, so good for sharing or for a tasting session.
Picture of the booth food menu
They serve monster pizza. It’s a better deal having the whole pizza than separate slices if you are 3 or more. Or just two people up for a big dinner.
Two huge slices of pepperoni monster pizza at the booth craft beer pub.
Slices of pepperoni pizza. Yummy~
A korean couple sitting in an artsy craft beer pub.
The tables and seating are made of pallets.
View to the street.
The pub space actually continues on the other side of the street.
I love beer sticker on napkin dispenser.
“I love beer.”
Black metal barrel as table with blue the booth print.
One of the tables is a barrel with plastic containers as seating.

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