Woori Super, Noksapyeong’s go-to bottle shop

Woori Super, Noksapyeong’s go-to bottle shop

A promising name and a prime location, Woori Super is a location most beer lovers in Seoul will know. At the heart of Noksapyeong and a selection that always varies, this is a destination we have logged many visits.

During the busiest nights the seating area spreads to the streets.
During the busiest nights the seating area spreads to the streets.

At the bottom of the Kyungridan hill, in what must be called the craft beer hotspot of Seoul, lies Woori Super, along with other prime craft beer locations. Well-known for its fantastic beer selection, it is a popular destination and can be quite crowded during the weekends. Indoor is a bottle shop with beer kept cold and ready to drink, and outside is a classic Korean view – plastic chairs and tables. What seems like ad hoc seating is indeed quite permanent, and except for a few wooden benches under the plastic covers, these stackable stools can be placed to accommodate a surprisingly large number of guests.

Good luck trying to get a seat at the terrace on weekends.
Good luck getting a seat at the terrace on weekends.

A popular and foreigner-friendly spot, so expect a lot of noise and chatter in many languages. There is music playing, from Woori Super and the other surrounding places, so this is by no means a quiet spot. Music varies from radio hits to radio classics, but the volume is low enough for it to not really matter – it does its job of evening out the soundscape.

During the winter months, the plastic cover and the heating lamps do what they can to provide a tolerable climate, and in the summer the whole street is one big bar. The aforementioned plastic chairs will most likely all be taken around 8 pm, and late trekkers will be forced to improvise their seating. Nearby steps and sidewalks are usually densely packed with gleeful partygoers, which is a sight to see.

Our pick ups include Arks
Our pick ups.

The vast selection of beer should quench almost any thirst, ranging from cheap standards to pricy specialties. If you are lucky, one of your favorite beers might even be on sale! That’s right, fellow Scandinavians, having a sale on beer is legal in Korea, and from time to time there’s quite the deal to be made here. Woori Super normally keeps a secure stock of Mikkeller, Kona and Goose Island as well as a few other common breweries, but you can expect to find (in Korea) slightly rarer sights like Wild Beer Co and Stillwater Artisanal Ales regularly.

As the picture shows, the most common thing is to just drink from the bottle. You can get cheap plastic cups inside if you do prefer to pour your beer before drinking it.

The side entrance of Woori Super.
The side entrance of Woori Super.
Inside the shop you will see a dozed of beer fridges covering the walls.
Beer fridges cover the walls of the store.

Not just beer, but cider and soda too! There is also a certain selection of stronger alcohol, like whisky and Jaeger, as well as snacks ranging from potato chips to dried squid. You can even pick up glassware from a few different breweries, and if you want to shop for beer to take home, you can even pack it in a box for easy transportation.

They also sell snacks.
A decent selection of snacks to enjoy on the side.
The main entrance of Woori Super on the Kyungridan street.
The main entrance on the Kyungridan-gil street.
Hundreds of empty craft beer bottles outside Woori Super.
Hundreds of empty craft beer bottles.
The seating area keeps spreading.
The seating area keeps spreading.
Woori super sign is easy to spot from the street.
Woori Super is spelled 우리슈퍼 in Korean. The sign can be easily spotted in Kyungridan-gil street.

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